Online 1-2-1 Classes 

Learn the fundamentals of DAWS - Logic Pro and FL Studio, 

Learn Music Theory. 

Learn Composition and Arrangement,

Learn Mixing.

35 GBP / 40 EUR / 50 USD Per Hour 

Music Mentoring

Take your music to the next level with quality feedback. Send unlimited tracks. Unlimited Access.

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I’ve been taking lessons from Adam for seven months, and he has been instrumental (pun intended) in taking my Logic projects to a level I could never have imagined.  Before starting lessons, I had just made the leap from Garage Band to Logic, and he has opened my eyes to the possibilities of that DAW. He is a wealth of knowledge in the area of music production, a patient teacher, and has inspired me to create professional sounding projects. I would highly recommend a course taught by Adam!

Ken - Oregon, USA.

Daniel - Israel

Adam's helpful and friendly approach helped me overcome my musical hurdles. When I started lessons with him I hadn't finished a single track, and after 6 lessons I had 2 finished ones. He took the time to explain things in detail and always had really helpful feedback. I would definitely recommend lessons with Adam! 

Ashley - London, UK.

Adam worked with us composing background music for an eLearning module. He took our brief and turned our ideas into a meaningful piece of music that totally complemented the subject matter. His professionalism and dedication to understanding what we needed to achieve made it easy and a pleasure to work with him. The finished piece of music was exceptional – the quality outstanding, his approach totally professional and he delivered the finished article promptly. If you need a piece of music composed that totally complements your product then I would strongly recommend that you work with Adam. Thanks Adam it was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working more with you in the future. 

Lynda - London, UK

“Over the the past few months I’ve enjoyed having Adam as my music teacher. It’s very clear he takes a lot of pride in what he does, as well as in my accomplishments, and he has demonstrated a remarkable level of professionalism in our sessions. 


What really sets Adam apart from other music teachers I’ve had, is his ability to engage with my goals and interests, and to effectively challenge me to develop the fundamentals in ways that I find enjoyable. 


Also noteworthy is his skilled knowledge of a diverse array of musical instruments, mediums, and theory.  This level of knowledge is a great compliment to his ability as a teacher, where he has shown to be patient, encouraging, and a great communicator. 


It’s been a real pleasure having Adam as my guide on this journey of music production I’m taking. I can’t wait to see where to see where the journey takes us next.”


Aaron - Ontario, Canada.